It all begins in the vineyard, where choices in agronomic management set the initial direction for the entire production style. The selected vineyards for our Cru production cover approximately 20 hectares distributed amongst Leverano, Veglie, and Salice Salentino. The main goal is understanding the ‘character’ of each plot and adapting the winemaking processes accordingly, while fully adhering to integrated farming principles.

Manual harvest

The harvest period varies depending on the grape variety, vineyard location, and the climate conditions of the year. We are aware that nature has its own pace to be fully respected. Therefore, we initiate the manual harvest only when we are certain that the grapes are ready and can express their personality to the fullest. The grapes, delicately picked in crates, are then transported to the winery.

further selection

The artisanal approach to production continues in the winery, where the bunches undergo further hand selection on a vibrating sorting table, ensuring that only intact and healthier ones are designated for vinification.


All stages of wine processing proceed with the same attention and care, aiming to bring out the best from our grapes. Fermentations, macerations, and drawing off: each phase is meticulously managed by our technical staff with modern and efficient equipment, optimizing climate control in the facilities and temperature management in the tanks.

Aging time

is a crucial factor for wine, especially during the maturation phase. Whether in barrel, barrique, amphora, or concrete tank, we let the wine the time it needs to stabilize and harmonize its components. Aging primarily occurs in large barrels or second-passage barriques, as we prefer a light use of wood in our wines to preserve the distinctive characteristics of the grapes.