Our History

  • 1580

    Francesco Antonio Zecca, agricultural entrepreneur born in Naples, moves to the fertile lands of Leverano.

  • 17th Century

    Substantial trade with France, England, Sweden and Denmark. During this period of time, Salento was a pre-eminent European wine-growing region and the export of grapes and wine sold in bulk was one of the main financial resources of the Bourbon kingdom.

  • 1884

    The Zecca family played a propulsive role in the development of the territory earning them titled-nobility status when Pope Leone LEO XIII bestowed the title of Count upon Giuseppe.

  • 1909

    Giuseppe’s children, Alcibiade and Giuseppa marry descendants of the ducal family Taurisano Lopez and Royo.

  • Early 20th century

    Alcibiade experiments with the first bottling methods and produces the first bottles of red wine named Saraceno, after the same estate.

  • 1927

    The Zecca family’s noble title is recognised throughout the Kingdom of Italy.

  • 1935

    Alcibiade founds a modern and efficient cellar in Leverano.

  • 1940s

    Alcibiade’s son, Giuseppe, reforms the colony control system, modernises the cellar and acquires the necessary machinery for the independent management of the entire production cycle. The first Conti Zecca wine label is born: Donna Marzia.

  • 1990s

    Generational transfer of management to brothers Zecca Alcibiade, Francesco, Luciano and Mario, current owners.