Conti Zecca is an Agricultural Company and therefore makes wine solely from its own grape production right the way through the entire production chain, starting with choosing the most suitable terrain, the best rootstock, grape variety, cloning and training system, to harvesting the grapes, wine-making, bottling and marketing of the finished product. All wines are born from a countryside-made project, in fact one of the key points of the company’s philosophy is the ongoing research for quality, firstly in the vineyard and then in the cellar, in respect of environmental, ethical and economic sustainability.

The integrated wine-making protocols that we use, in addition to ensuring the perfect integrity of the grapes that are at the heart of our production with traditional processes, also ensure the number of processes are kept to a minimum, significantly reducing the use of agricultural machinery and resulting in benefits to the environment and environmental energy costs. By reducing the number of processes to the vine, with the use of active principles of increasingly modern design which have a reduced environmental impact and with the help of precision wine-making, we expect to continue our company mission in a decisive way with respect for the environment, the land and those working in the vineyards every day.