Arriva la certificazione ministeriale in materia di sostenibilità

We have achieved the certification of “Sistema di Qualità Nazionale di Produzione Integrata” – abbreviated to SQNPI – (National Quality System of Integrated Production) for harvest 2017. It is a certification released by the Italian Department of Agriculture that guarantees the sustainability of the whole production process.

The ministerial seal ‘Sustainable Quality’, represented by a bee, guarantees the consumer healthy products, minimizing environmental impact.

The certification is the result of many steps and strict controls throughout the production cycle made by independent third-party bodies authorized by the Department of Agriculture.

The Protocol is based on quality, environmental safety and a sustainable work in the vineyards in addition to a perfect traceability of each plot and each bottle as an assurance that the wine comes strictly from selected grapes controlled and certified by SQNPI. The goal is to minimize the use of phytopharmaceuticals thanks to integrated control techniques in order to protect the health of the consumers, more and more careful about sustainability in agriculture.

The certification is an important result thanks to which we are in the forefront of sustainability, which today is an important aspect of distinction in the market.


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